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Curbed – What it Sold For: Anjelica Huston’s Venice Fortress Sells; Is Whisper Moving In?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

This must be the week all the chronically unsellable properties finally find a buyer: first Fleur de Lys breaks a record at $ 102 million, and now Anjelica Huston‘s “fortress” house in Venice has reportedly sold for $ 11.15 million. The house, designed by Huston’s late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, was first listed in 2010 for $ 18 million, but, despite some pricechops, the property languished. That’s not to say there weren’t a few close calls: The Hollywood Reporter says that producer/house collector Megan Ellison was in escrow to buy it late last year, and, before that, there was some totally serious, unironic talk of turning the house into a private “gourmet bathing club” with a farm-to-table restaurant and seltzer-water tastings.

The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom house was most recently listed for $ 11.9 million and the anonymous buyer has been described only as “an architectural purist who appreciates the buildings the way they are.” It’s rumored that this purist might rent the building out to app company Whisper to use as its headquarters (it’s departing a house in Santa Monica).
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Curbed – GentrificationWatch: LA Wants to Lock Down and Spy On the Venice Boardwalk

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014
[Image via eyetwist]

While the LAPD wages a War on Drums, breaking up Venice’s weekly boardwalk drum circle for no good reason, the city turns its attention toward attempting to “tame the scene on Ocean Front Walk” by installing some intense security measures, including closing off car access to OFW from two-thirds of the streets between Marine Avenue and the Pier (via retractable posts and planters) and installing security cameras and a PA system, according to the LA Times. The efforts are nominally about keeping everyone safe from repeats of pedestrian/car collisions, but they’re also geared toward presenting a tidy, Disney image of California beach life. (Councilmember Bonin, who reps the area: “This is one of the places the world sees when it comes to Los Angeles …. What face are we showing?”) Predictably, old-timers are not super happy with this magic wand of gentrification sweeping over their neighborhood—they worry the changes will turn the zone into “Fortress Venice,” and that the money for all these add-ons would be better spent on tidying the boardwalk’s bathrooms or maintaining the nearby parks. As with the drum circle crackdown and a recent homeless crackdown in the area, these efforts seem at least partially intended to cater to Venice’s very wealthy new tech scene.
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Curbed – Eatertastings: Tea Palace to Venice, Roy’s Shutters in DTLA, LA’s Best Pie

Friday, February 28th, 2014


VENICE: The former Dagwoods Pizza joint on Main Street is becoming Gunpowder, a tea emporium and cafe, on March 3. Gunpowder, with a menu that includes fruit-infused brews and teaspressos, hopes to expand into the Intelligentsia of teas.

DOWNTOWN: A presence on Figueroa for nearly a decade, Roy’s served its last Hawaiian dish on Sunday. Chef Roy Yamaguchi still operates namesake restaurants in Pasadena, Newport Beach, Anaheim, and Woodland Hills.

ALL OVER: What’s better than a hot cup of coffee and a good piece of pie? Eater has a roundup of the city’s best places for pie, including The Apple Pan, Brite Spot, Red Bread, and, surprisingly, Baby Blues BBQ.
· Eater LA [Official Site]

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Curbed – GentrificationWatch: New Venice Elite Waging All-Out Class War on Homeless People

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
[Image via Lori Bucci]

Venice’s rich recent gentrifiers are not very good at sharing their public spaces or playing nice with their fellow citizens, specifically the ones who happen to not have permanent homes. In December, a homeless man was brutally beaten on the boardwalk in an unprovoked attack, but that’s just the most horrifying extreme in a relatively new Venetian attitude toward homeless people (who have historically found haven in the neighborhood). Venice has become a microcosm of the US in its extreme inequality: homelessness is up, but meanwhile “property values [are] on the rise” and all kinds of new tech companies, which pay extraordinarily high wages, are moving in. And the new rich kids in town are big babies, “quick to call police about things the old guard would have shrugged off, locals say,” according to the LA Times. A senior lead LAPD officers for the area estimates that 75 percent of the complaints she handles are about homeless people.

Recently, a homeless man named Brian Connolly bought food at the Starbucks at Navy and Main, but was told he’d have to eat it outside; he wrote last month that the incident has a creepy segregation feel to it: Starbucks will take his money, but they don’t want him hanging around. Sensitive home-having residents complain simultaneously about stuff on the sidewalk and about a shipping container at Windward Circle brought in to store belongings for homeless people; in a nasty move, someone added extra locks to the container so that the Department of Rec and Parks had to get a bolt-cutter to get things back to their homeless owners.

Even the LAPD seems sick of cracking down on people just because they have nowhere to live: “Sometimes I wish I had crime that was more police-related,” Sergeant Theresa Skinner tells the Times. She adds “We’ll never make enough arrests or write enough tickets to get rid of homelessness.” Almost as if arrests and tickets don’t actually get rid of homelessness at all. The area’s city councilmember, Mike Bonin, says he wants more housing and services, but federal Housing and Urban Development vouchers are frozen and the city just isn’t set up to fix such a structural problem: “Looking to the city to solve homelessness is like asking your plumber to rewire your house.”
· Venice’s famed tolerance is being tested by the homeless [LAT]

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Curbed – GentrificationWatch: Venice Gentrification Pushing Out Its Community Garden

Monday, January 20th, 2014

2014.01venice%20community%20garden.jpgThe Venice Community Garden has been going strong since 2010, when the site was transformed from a vacant residential lot to a garden of 54 raised beds of locally grown greenery. But popular as it is, land in increasingly hip Venice is even more popular, and the demand means that after the end of the month, Venice Community Garden will go back to being an empty lot, according to the LA Times, and it’ll go up for sale. Though gardeners knew they were planting on borrowed time, they all thought they’d have more time with the land; they found out just last year about the property owner’s plans to sell. The owner, a local developer and restaurateur, approached them because he hoped that together they could find a buyer for the spot and keep it a garden. However, no one has materialized or is likely to, so it’s predicted that the garden will have to go fallow for good—at least at this location.
· Venice Community Garden must pull up roots by end of January [LAT]

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Curbed – Parking Wars: Venice NIMBYs Drop Long Battle To Stop Poor People Parking

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
[Image via Kevin Balluff / Curbed LA flickr pool]

The Venice residents who’ve been fighting for years to keep cars and RVs off their streets overnight have finally abandoned their classist crusade, dropping a suit to restrict overnight parking in areas near the beach. The Venice Stakeholders Association (which has come out explicitly against the presence of homeless people) and the city of Los Angeles filed that suit after the California Coastal Commission denied LA’s application for overnight parking districts on the grounds “that it would impede public access to Venice Beach,” according to the LA Times. The city dropped out of the suit last year after the CCC denied an overnight parking district yet again (for the third time!). Opponents pointed out that both residents and visitors—including transients and homeless people—have a right to be in the neighborhood, and that even many residents disliked the idea of paying for parking permits to park near their homes. The city, however, has already cracked down on campers and RVs that park overnight, which the president of the VSA admits has “been 85% effective.” Perhaps the group has also noticed that Venice is doing just fine pushing out the non-wealthy on its own.
· Venice group drops bid to limit overnight parking [LAT]

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Curbed – Curbed Cup 2013: Curbed Cup Round 1 Results! Venice And WeHo Knocked Out

Saturday, December 21st, 2013


Round one voting in the 2013 Curbed Cup has now closed and the battle for neighborhood of the year is still looking mighty competitive despite some huge upsets. Next week, first-seeded Arts District, which handily beat last-seed Historic Filipinotown in round one, will go up against perennial favorite Highland Park, which won an upset this week over Santa Monica; neighboring juggernauts Hollywood and Koreatown will also meet, as will poorly-matched Downtown neighbors South Park (the clear favorite) and the Financial District (which won a massive upset over third-seeded Venice). And is there any way on earth Glendale can take out two-time Curbed Cup winner Historic Core? Tune in for round two voting starting Monday.
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