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Curbed – What It Sold For: Moby Just Sold the Incredible Wolf’s Lair Castle Compound for a $6MM Profit

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

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[Moby via Uncensored Interview / Wikimedia]

Musician and architecture lover Moby was, until recently, the proud owner of one of LA’s most glamorous homes—Wolf’s Lair, an eight-bedroom replica of a Norman castle overlooking the Hollywood Reservoir and built in 1927 for Milton Wolf, a 1920-era Hollywoodland developer and art director. Variety reports that Moby, who bought the home for $ 3.925 million (and then dropped $ 2 million on repairs to the whimsical compound), has sold it in an off-market deal to “anonymous corporate concern” for $ 12.4 million. Mysterious, but isn’t that just like this place?

Aside from the overall fairy-tale look of the castle—the coffered ceilings, the gable windows, the turrets—the property comes with all the quirky eccentricities one could hope for. Supposedly there’s a secret tunnel that leads from the main castle to the gatehouse, but it’s documented that there’s definitely a stairwell leading to an underground, possibly-Prohibition-era tiki bar. Add this detail to the fact that one of the building’s “miniature turrets” was designed as a home for Wolf’s pet monkey, and this home is instantly legendary. Oh, and Debbie Reynolds, Marlon Brando, and The Beatles were all occupants of the Lair at various points in time.

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Moby’s 2010 purchase of the home carried on the manor’s established tradition of quirk, as he converted the speakeasy tiki bar into an invite-only magic theater and restored the property’s guesthouse/gatehouse, designed by John Lautner, into a recording studio which harmless, disoriented people would sometimes stumble into while on acid trips. We can only hope that the faceless corporate entity that purchased the compound adds to the legacy of this amazing property.
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· Moby Surreptitiously Sells Historic Wolf’s Lair Compound in Los Angeles [Variety]
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Curbed – What It Sold For: This Glassy, Boxy House in Glassell Park Just Fetched $1 Million

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Is Glassell Park edging into Highland Park territory? It’s certainly adding to its roster of million-dollar housing sales these days (it’s only ever had a handful over the years). To be fair, this boxy, two-story house has been trying for a while: we saw it in 2008 asking a ballsy $ 1.229 million, then pricechopped twice more down to $ 999,000. This time around, it was listed for exactly $ 1 million and that was juuust right for someone. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house—a self-proclaimed “Bauhaus Style”—includes eco-friendly features like bamboo floors and insulated windows, as well as multiple balconies and exposed metal beams. That sale price again was $ 1 million.

· 4217 Scandia Way [Official Site]
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Curbed – What It Sold For: Meryl Streep Flips 1954 Research House For $4.8 Million

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Did Meryl Streep and sculptor husband Don Gummer’s attempt to flip end up flopping? The pair have just sold their 1954 Research House by mid-century architecture firm Honnold & Rex, but they didn’t make quite as much as they’d hoped to. The Streep-Gummers paid $ 4.5 million for the house in February 2013, just after it had gotten a thorough restoration/redecoration by designer Xorin Balbes. The four-bedroom house has four bathrooms, a “walnut staircase with sculptural railing,” and skylights “for optimal display of fine art,” but for some reason, the actress and her husband didn’t want to stay for very long; they listed the house in April this year for $ 6.75 million, but with no takers, the price was chopped twice in May, finally coming to rest at $ 5.25 million. It sold this week, but for just $ 4.8 million—not quite the windfall they wanted, but a $ 300,000 flip is still something.

· 1514 Rising Glen Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90069 [Redfin]
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Curbed – What It Sold For: This Little Mt. Wash Cottage Just Sold for $190k Over Asking

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

glenalbyn 2.jpg

An incredulous tipster sent us this listing saying, “we looked at this fixer-upper in Cypress Park, listed at $ 559,000, and figured it would go over asking price — possibly even up to $ 650k. We were SHOCKED to discover it went for $ 750k.” That’s right: it sold in “>about three weeks for $ 750,000—$ 190,000 over asking. (Note: this house last sold in 2010 for $ 227,000; that was over the asking price as well: it had been listed for just $ 215,000.) Sure, it could be that someone really wanted this little ranch-style residence, but it is also equally likely that we’re looking at a teardown or a major flip in the making—the .31-acre property includes a detached two-car garage, a standalone redwood studio space, and two additional parcels.

Perhaps the buyer is planning on making a fortune renting the little house, the detached garage, and the very cool renovated Airstream trailer (part of the sale as well) on Airbnb. Maybe there’s a gold vein running through the property. Then again, it could just be that the buyer is a person who appreciates their space and who yearns to hear the sounds of “owls hooting in the night.”

· 3790 Glenalbyn Dr., Los Angeles (City), CA 90065 [Redfin]

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Curbed – What it Sold For: The historic Heart House designed…

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

2014-04-heart_house.JPG The historic Heart House designed by John and Donald Parkinson and previously featured in February as a Weekend Open House, sold on March 27th at a price $ 100k over asking. From commenter Slice of Life: “This house sold for $ 1.1M, which was over asking price. I own the sister house which is almost identical and mine is located in Windsor Square. I knew about this house on Harvard years ago because we often pick up burritos at Cactus #2 on Beverly/Harvard.” Thanks for sharing. [Curbed LA]

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Curbed – What it Sold For: Anjelica Huston’s Venice Fortress Sells; Is Whisper Moving In?

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

This must be the week all the chronically unsellable properties finally find a buyer: first Fleur de Lys breaks a record at $ 102 million, and now Anjelica Huston‘s “fortress” house in Venice has reportedly sold for $ 11.15 million. The house, designed by Huston’s late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, was first listed in 2010 for $ 18 million, but, despite some pricechops, the property languished. That’s not to say there weren’t a few close calls: The Hollywood Reporter says that producer/house collector Megan Ellison was in escrow to buy it late last year, and, before that, there was some totally serious, unironic talk of turning the house into a private “gourmet bathing club” with a farm-to-table restaurant and seltzer-water tastings.

The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom house was most recently listed for $ 11.9 million and the anonymous buyer has been described only as “an architectural purist who appreciates the buildings the way they are.” It’s rumored that this purist might rent the building out to app company Whisper to use as its headquarters (it’s departing a house in Santa Monica).
· Anjelica Huston’s Venice Home Sells for $ 11 Million [THR]
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Curbed – What It Sold For: Producer Megan Ellison Sells Off Entire Bird Streets Compound

Friday, November 8th, 2013


Young Megan Ellison is one of the few interesting film producers working these days (her company Annapurna Pictures has worked on The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, and Spring Breakers) and the daughter of Oracle chief Larry Ellison, from whom she has picked up the practice of buying real estate in bulk (Dad owns an enormous percentage of Malibu’s Carbon Beach and most of the island of Lanai). From 2008 to 2011, she put together a three-house, very glassy compound up in the Bird Streets, paying a total of $ 32.6 million. Two of the houses were brand new and one “had a down-to-the-studs renovation in the mid-Aught[s],” according to Real Estalker. Now she’s sold them and the new owners will all tear them down. (Just the kind of disposable real estate thing drove Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman from the neighborhood.) Anyway, in August, Ellison sold one house to Gateway cofounder Ted Waitt for $ 20.5 million, and last month she sold the remaining two to Ashley Tabor, son of British bookmaker Michael Tabor, for $ 26.25 million. That’s a total of $ 46.75 million, basically just for the land, much of which is too steep to actually build on. Anyway, Ellison is supposedly looking for a new house “in the $ 20 million range,” as well as office space in Venice.

Ted Waitt’s 9280 Nightingale Drive, sold for $ 20.5 million

Ashley Tabor’s 9262 Nightingale Drive, sold for $ 10.875 million

Ashley Tabor’s 9258 Nightingale Drive, sold for $ 15.375 million
· Megan Ellison Sells Three in The Birds [Real Estalker]

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