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Curbed – Neighbor Beefs: City Puts a Stop to Enormous, Unfinished Bel Air Megamansion

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Los Angeles has put a stop to work on a 30,000-square-foot spec-megamansion-in-the-making in Bel Air, after developer Mohamed Hadid spent two months foot-dragging instead of making his case for continued construction, reports the LA Times. Angry neighbor/entertainment lawyer Joseph Horacek III has been waging war against the project, saying Hadid illegally demolished the old house and graded the site and is now building a 67-foot house in an area with a 36-foot height limit. (Horacek lives below the site in his own 4,000-square-foot house; he “began bombarding the city with complaints” a few months ago and has nicknamed the house the Starship Enterprise.) The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety found at least some of his complaints valid and halted construction on the project in July, giving Hadid until the end of the month to present revised plans and maps to the city for approval so he could possibly continue working on this monster. Fast forward to this past Wednesday, when the city, “tired of waiting for [Hadid and his associates] to provide us information,” finally, officially did some takie-backsies on its building permits.

“As of today, he has no permits. If he wants to continue building he will need to come in and get new permits,” a chief inspector with the city tells the Beverly Hills Courier, pointing out that the permits could be awarded again if Hadid submits new applications and the city approves them.

Meanwhile, the house doesn’t have to be demolished or anything just because it’s unpermitted, so now all those angry neighbors are still kind of screwed because this partially-completed house that has possibly affected the stability of the hill it sits on is still going to be sitting there, weighing on the land indefinitely. Spec megamansions: what could ever go wrong?
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Curbed LA

The Real Estalker – Prince Puts Marbella Villa Up for Sale

Friday, April 25th, 2014

SELLER: Prince
LOCATION: (West of) Marbella, Malaga Province, Andalusia, Spain
PRICE: £4,613,800
SIZE: 5,900 square meters, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: This morning Your Mama awoke to a kindly communique from a fancy-schmancy P.R. lady in London who thoughtfully let us know via press release that His Not-Actually-Royal Music Industry Highness Prince put an characteristically lavish estate he owns in Marbella—that’s on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Spain for all the geographically challenged—up for sale with an asking price of £4,613,800. (Our currency conversion contraption indicates that amount equals, €5,5,609,420, $ 7,753,080 or 15,973 Bitcoins.)

So goes the story as told in the press release, Mister Prince originally acquired the hill topping estate in 1998 as a wedding gift for his then wife, Mayte Garcia. Their intertwined monograms appear throughout the property, which may or may not thrill the next owner, and there is an “enormous portrait of the couple in the main hall.” (That isn’t something everyone wants prominently displayed in their foyer, a posed portrait of Prince and his first wife? No?) The press release goes on to say that after the sudden death of his week-old son and the subsequent breakdown of his marriage, Mister Prince, “resolved never to set foot in the house again.” Miz Mayte, on the other hand, apparently made “occasional use of it at weekends.”*

Online listing details show the two-story, flesh-toned and marble balustraded villa sits down a long private drive on a 5,900 square meter parcel—that’s about 1.46 acres as per Your Mama’s rudimentary tabulations—west of Marbella in the wealthy hills of El Paraíso. (A smokey-voice real estate agent gives a video tour of the property here.)

There are a total of six bedrooms and six bathrooms, according to online marketing materials, including five guest bedrooms and an unrevealed number of bathrooms on the upper level. The celebrity-sized master suite—not pictured in listing photos we perused—sprawls across two levels and is entered through what listing details rather curiously call a “fantasy door.” That’s right, a fantasy door. There’s a canopied bed with—as one might imagine—a lurid and achingly cliche mirrored ceiling and the bathroom—at least we think it’s the master bathroom—is sheathed floor and walls with a grey-veined blush pink marble. The bathroom is way too showy for Your Mama’s far less glitzy personal taste in crapper day-core, but the color and veining of that marble is kind of special. Anyways…

There are, as per listing details, lustrous marble floors and air conditioning throughout the main floor living spaces that include a pretty nearly histrionic, many-sided double-height entrance hall—it could have eight or even ten sides, we can’t quite tell—that features a double staircase with marble balustrades and what appears to be a bridge that traverses the voluminous space.

A series of tall, arched French doors in the sunny and glitzy formal dining room and the (unfortunately also flesh-toned) formal living room as well as the adjoining breakfast room open to large terraces with panoramic views that sweep over hills and valleys to the shimmery blue of the Mediterranean in the distance. The almost clinically unadorned kitchen looks fully Euro-contemporary with a rigorously adhered to white and crimson color scheme, glossy cabinets with nary a pull to be seen, and high-grade stainless steel appliances.

The entire property is ringed by a high wall and a dense row of cypress trees and is fitted and kitted with a comprehensive security system that includes both outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras because, children, Prince don’t fool around when it comes to security, even at a residence he swore never to step foot in again. Other luxuries and amenities include a dedicated security room, a generator, water tanks, irrigation system, private water well, an elaborate lighting program both indoors and out, and, somewhere up in there, a two-chair hair and make-up salon.

The landscaped grounds include roomy, balustraded terraces that overlook a heated swimming pool, a palm dotted gentle slope of well watered lawn, and an open-air cabana tucked into a shady spot at the edge of the yard. Listing details also call out a tennis court but this property gossip would probably vomit with flabbergast to learn Mister Prince actually used the damn thing to play tennis. What, pray tell, does a marvelously theatrical creature like Prince wear to play tennis? Custom-made high-heeled sneakers and a deep purple, self-wicking chador?

Mister Prince has probably owned a number of glammy residences all over the globe but he makes his home in the affluent suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. In Chanhassen he owns a couple of adjoining lake-front parcels where there was once a purple house called Purple House where some say his father lived and that was razed in 2003. He owns another couple of adjacent parcels in Chanhassen where a house once stood and also appears to have been razed. Also in his property portfolio, a modest house on a leafy street in Chanhassen, the famous Paisley Park Studio complex (also in Chanhassen) plus a couple more fairly humble houses on the western edge of Minneapolis proper.

*Something about that timeline just doesn’t seem quite right since Mister Prince and Miz Mayte were married in 1996, their infant son—may he rest in peace—died in 1996, and they announced their divorce in 1998, the same year the press release says he purchased the place as a wedding present. But anyways…

listing photos:
The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker – Janet Jackson Puts Big Apple Pied-a-Terre Out for Lease

Friday, February 7th, 2014

WHO: Janet Jackson
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $ 35,000 per month
SIZE: 2,093 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In 1998 Janet Jackson paid $ 2.8 for a three bedroom spread on the 34th floor of the Trump International hotel and condo tower that looms in all its smoked glass—ahem—glory over the southwest corner of Central Park in New York City. Just three days ago, much to this property gossip’s surprise, the Grammy-winning music industry royal* put her Midtown pied-a-terre near Lincoln Center  up for lease at $ 35,000 per month.

Now, children, we know that there are scads and scores of famous people who own homes they lease out. Goldie Hawn, Pierce Brosnan, Leo DiCaprio, Pam Anderson, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and tons more have all done it out in Malibu. But, seriously folks, we would have fallen over dead with rigor mortis before we imagined Miz Janet Jackson If You’re Nasty would make her Big Apple home base available for lease by the weatlhy hoi polloi who can and will spend $ 35,000 on rent at the Trump International.

Online marketing materials show the efficiently if unimaginatively configured 2,093 square foot condo has three en-suite bedrooms plus a half pooper that, according to the floor plan, opens just about directly (and potentially uncomfortably) off the 28-foot long, L-shaped living and dining area. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the apartment make a weak counterpoint the Miz Jackson’s semi-opulent and dark-hued day-core but they do provide multi-million dollar views that sweep over the park to Fifth Avenue and Central Park South. The kitchen, accessible from from the living and the dining areas, isn’t large—it’s pretty small, actually—but it’s well-equipped with a washer and dryer stacked in a closet and has an itty-bitty dining alcove in-front of a practically wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling north facing window.

Listing photographs indicate one of the two guest/family bedrooms—our best guess is it’s the one between the living room and the master bedroom—was done over by Miz Jackson’s team of lady and/or nice-gay decorators as an office/den with dark wood-paneled walls, industrial-style louvered shades, and a built-in entertainment center.

The smallest of the bedrooms is tucked behind the kitchen just off the living room and the master suite sits at the opposite end of the apartment with a total of four closets (one walk-in, two standard and one linen) and a windowless, five piece bathroom that isn’t shown in listing photos but Your Mama would bet the farm was done up in a luxurious if purposefully generic high-end hotel style.

Listings show Miz Jackson is willing to let the apartment furnished or unfurnished but tenants are not allowed to bring their pets who might soil Miss Jackson’s carpets or tear down the drapery in a fit of feline pique or canine separation anxiety.

Building residents—and we assume that means even renters—enjoy five-star hotel services such as health club access with pool and spa services, maid and valet parking services, a business center, and 24-hour room services from the acclaimed (and high-priced) eatery Jean-Georges, where an assortment of signature dishes selected by the chef runs—in the restaurant—almost two hundred big ones. Anyways…

Once upon a time Miss Jackson owned an ocean front house in Malibu and a mansion smack up on the fairways of the swanky Bel-Air Country Club. But those places are long gone and the only residences we’re aware of her currently owning are a 2,400-ish square foot condo at along the Wilshire corridor near Century City and fairy large if perfectly ordinary tract house in a gated development in Henderson, NV.

NOTE: Oddly enough, the listing disappeared from the internets today sometime between four and five p.m.( East Coast time).

*Wikipedia says she has 13 Grammys, IMDB shows she has just one, and this site says she has six. One of the children says, in the comments, it’s four. So who knows? Not Your Mama, that’s who. She also may or may not have one Emmy (plus four more nominations), a Golden Globe, an Oscar nomination, 16 MTV Video Awards, 21 American Music Awards, 33 Billboard Music Awards, six NAACP Image Awards, and, since 1990, a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. Whatever the specific numbers are the lady is clearly a decorated veteran of the music industry whether you like her brand of high-gloss pop/R&B or not.

listing photos and floor plan: Brown Harris Stevens
The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker – Shoe Tycoon Vince Camuto Puts $48M Price on Wooldon Manor

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

SELLER: Vince and Louise Camuto
LOCATION: Southampton, NY’
PRICE: $ 48,000,000
SIZE: 9,611 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to a brief missive from our unofficial aide de camp Hot Chocolate it’s come to Your Mama’s attention that shoe tycoon Vince Camuto and his former beauty queen wife, Louise,* have slapped a fat $ 48 million price tag on Wooldon Manor, their historic ocean front estate in Southampton, NY.**

Settle down sisters, Your Mama knows Mister Camuto may not a household name in the vein of a Tinseltown celebrity but in the dog-eat-pony world of mid-prices ladies’ shoes he is a power player of the highest order. He co-founded the Nine West footwear brand in 1978, which was sold to Jones Apparel Group in the late 1990s for nearly $ 900 million, and since 2001 his eponymous Camuto Group has provided design, development, marketing, and distribution for a variety of licensed shoe brands including (but not limited to) those of Jessica Simpson, Tory Burch, and BCBG Maz Azria. He also has a handful of his own footwear, handbag, accessories and apparel brands, among them VC Signature, Louise Et Cie, and Two by Vince Camuto.

The house that’s nowadays known as Wooldon Manor was built in the early 1930s by five-and-dime heiress Jessie Woolworth Donahue and husband James Donahue as the pool house to a gigantic Tudor style residence designed by the noted architecture firm Barney & Chapman and built in 1900 for a wealthy physician turned stock broker named Peter B. Wyckoff. (Interior shots of the demolished Wyckoff manse can be seen here on the always delectably informative Old Long Island blog). So the scuttlebutt goes, Missus Woolworth Donahue hired high society architects William Treanor and Maurice Fatio to design her deluxe pool and pool house after she was rejected for membership in the notoriously snooty Southampton Bathing Corporation for not being waspy enough. Quel scandale! Anyways…

Sometime in the 1930s Wooldon Manor was acquired by financier Edmund Lynch—he was the Lynch in Merrill Lynch—who died in 1938. The sprawling oceanfront estate fell into a state of disrepair and in 1941 the massive main house was demolished and a number of the estate’s numerous outbuildings, including Missus Woolworth Donahue’s pool house, converted to private residences.

Property records Your Mama peeped and perused are, at best, vague so we’ not entirely sure when or for how much Mister and Missus Camuto paid for the the various pieces of multi-parcel estate. Even though Your Mama’s online investigation and rudimentary calculations indicate Mister and Missus Camuto actually own six separate but contiguous parcels that total 14.29 acres, listing details point out that the $ 48 million price tag includes only about 5.5 acres. Unspecified additional acreage is also available for an unknown price.

The existing residence, renovated and expanded over the years to become a proper main house with a separate pool house of it’s own, was did over by Mister and Missus Camuto and measures about 10,000 square feet, according to current listing details, with 10 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. Interior details include five fireplaces, origami-like vaulted ceilings with carved wood accents, limestone floors, and custom bronze and glass doors. In addition to the cavernous formal living and dining rooms, the Camuto’s seaside summer house also includes a paneled library, a spacious center island kitchen with adjacent breakfast room, a finished basement and a home theater.

The day-core shown in listing photos is certainly correct and we’d bet both our long bodied bitches, Linda and Beverly, the furnishings cost the Camuto’s more money than most people will ever see in their lifetimes. However, iffin we’re being honest—and we always are—we’d tell the children that we find it all to be rather predictable and a boring. Much of the original architectural details, however, are fab and we admit that some of the more new-fangle-y interjections, such as the interior glass and bronze windows that separate the sky-lit upper landing and the master suite, are thrillingly unexpected.

As should they should in a beach front summer residence, many rooms at Wooldon Manor provide direct access to the vast outdoor living and entertainment areas that include an ocean view loggia that links to a (mostly) glass-enclosed terrace designed, we presume, to be used when the afternoon winds whip up off the surf. Recreational amenities includes broad flat lawns for croquet and lawn darts (or whatever sorts of lawn games rich people play), a sizable ocean-side swimming pool and pool house, a chain link fenced tennis court, small chunks of formal gardens, and a glass-roofed greenhouse folly that’s flanked by a pair of classical columned open air pavilions.

Some of Mister and Missus Camuto’s nearest Gin Lane neighbors include octogenarian businessman Carl Spielvogel, the former ambassador to Slovakia, and his wife, Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, whose 12,000 square foot Lake Agawam-fronting mansion has been on and off the market for at least six years and is currently listed at $ 24,995,000.

Other Gin Lane homeowners of note (and/or noteriety) include shopping mall magnate A. Alfred Taubman; hedge fund fat cat Mark Rachesky; entrepreneur George Kraus—he and his wife own auto heiress Anne Ford’s former beach front house; petroleum and gas baron Robert Belfer; music industry mogul Martin Bandier; influential businessman billionaire Herbert Allen Jr.; movie producer (and co-founder of Planet Hollywood) Keith Barish,; blue-chip artist Roy Lichtenstein’s widow Dorothy; private equity poo-bah Jonathan Sokoloff; and Citigroup honcho James C. Cowles. Retired hedge funder/investor Chris Shumway is the much rumored but unconfirmed $ 60 million buyer of a six acre ocean front estate that once belonged to flamboyant Broadway producer Marty Richards.

Vera Wang’s late, sick-rich father owned a Gin Lane estate that’s now owned by J. Michael Cline, a healthcare industry investor and the co-founder of ticket service behemoth Fandango, who bought the 2.2 acre estate in 2007 for $ 11.5 million and unsuccessfully attempted to unload it last year for $ 17.5 million. Next door the Wang/Cline crib, the estate of the late New York Times owner/publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger was listed last fall (2012) for 13.9 million. While at least one online listing indicates the property was sold for $ 10,200,000, property records Your Mama perused shows the estate is still owned by Mister Sulzberger’s estate. Make of that what you will. Anyways and finally, in 2011 a corporate concern connected to hedge funder Scott Bommer paid $ 14,500,000 for a storied tear down cottage on 1.6 prime ocean front acres and it is retired hedge funder/investor Chris Shumway who is most often named as the mysterious 2008 buyer who paid $ 60 million for a six acre ocean front estate that had long been owned flamboyant Broadway producer Marty Richards and was briefly (and erroneously) believed by property gossips around the globe to have been acquired by philandering professional golfer Tiger Woods.

It could be that Mister and Missus Camuto want to sell Wooldon Manor—or at least a portion of it—since it’s not the only historic and brutally high maintenance Hamptons estate they currently own. In 2005 they shelled out $ 35,000,000 to buy Villa Maria, a grand (but decrepit) 21,000 square foot mansion on 15 acres in the heart of Water Mill with 1,100 feet of frontage on Mill Creek and Mecox Bay. The original house had been built in the late 1880s and had a series of owners before it was acquired by a group of Catholic nuns in the early 1930s. The sisters first used the massive house as a training facility for novitiates and later as a retirement home for nuns. At some point it because a sort of non-denominational spiritual center.

Anyways, by the time the Camutos came along the massive house was in sad shambles. Many of the vast rooms had been divided into dormitory style accommodations, there was a substantial breach in the roof above the entrance hall and an entire wing had been all but destroyed by water damage. With the help of New York architect Andre Tchelistcheff, the Camutos spent four years and God only knows how many millions re-building the titanic, 11 bedroom house and transforming it into a period fantasia injected with a kind of low-key/high-brow Shabby Chic elegance. The imposing mansion includes a double height entry with sweeping staircase and faux-limestone walls; a 60-foot long living room with a long of white slip-covered furniture; a paneled gallery that looks long enough in pictures to accommodate a bowling alley; a double height atrium with gilded dome ceiling; and a formal dining room wrapped in Venetian plaster. Less formal family quarters include a colossal country kitchen with Carrara marble counter tops and a media room tucked up into the eaves on the upper level. A post renovation Villa Maria was featured and fawned over in the July (2013) issue of Architectural Digest.

In addition to their impressive and high maintenance residential real estate holdings in the Hamptons, Mister and Missus Camuto also maintain an imposing, early 20th century French Normandy style chateau on 30-plus secluded acres in Greenwich, CT.

*Missus Camuto, a high level executive at The Camuto Group, was crowned Miss Sweden in 1989 and later went on to be the runner up in the Miss Universe pageant.

**The kids at Curbed Hamptons already discussed the matter but we figured we’d go ahead and dive in anyways…

listing photos: Sotheby’s International Realty
The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker – Professional Hoopster Chris Bosh Puts Pacific Palisades Mansion Up for Lease

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

OWNER: Chris Bosh
LOCATION: Pacific Palisades
PRICE: $ 45,000 per month
SIZE: 10,755 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: All the children know that Your Mama don’t know a football from a baseball bat. So, when our magnificently prolific informant Yolanda Yakketyak sent over a covert communique to tell us that the resort-like mock-Med mansion in Pacific Palisades, CA that professional basketball player Chris Bosh and his new-ish missus Adrienne quietly purchased late last year for $ 9,400,000 has popped up for lease at $ 45,000 per month we said, “Who da hell is Chris Bosh?”

Well, turns out six-foot-eleven inch Mister Bosh is really somebody in the professional basketball world. The native Texan started out his professional hoopster career with the Toronto Raptors back in 2003 but he currently dribbles shoots and passes for the Miami Heat.

The eight-time NBA All-Star is reportedly set to earn $ 17,545,000 for the 2012/13 season, not counting any endorsements he may have. Well compensated Mister Bosh’s annual salary is scheduled to rise to more than $ 22 million for the 2015-16 season so, make no mistake butter beans, the towering power forward can well afford a nearly $ 9.5 million dollar house in Pacific Palisades not to mention the very contemporary $ 12-plus million bay front mansion he already owns in Miami Beach. (More on that manse in a minute.)

Property records reveal the seller, Korean-born steel tycoon Steven Koh, Ph.D., purchased the 1.73 acre knoll-top estate, located at the tail end of a gated cul-de-sac and not very cleverly dubbed Villa Cielo, in September 2005 for $ 12,500,000. That means, according to the well-worn beads of Your Mama’s bejeweled abacus, that Dr. Koh took a punishing $ 3,100,000 financial gut punch when he sold the lavishly fitted mansion to Mister and Missus Bosh.

Listing information kindly provided by Yolanda shows the two-story, tile-roofed Mediterranean-ish mansion was built in 2001, measures in at a substantial 10,755 square feet and contains a total of six bedrooms and eight full bathrooms, a count that Your Mama thinks but isn’t sure encompasses the fully equipped staff quarters.

A double-height rotunda entry with a sweeping, wrap-around staircase leads to the many and various living and entertaining spaces that include a formal living with fireplace, a formal dining room with an upsetting tented ceiling, a sky-lit center island kitchen with all the commercial-style stainless steel appliances money can buy and a large library/office with book shelf flanked fireplace, partially paneled walls and a built in aquarium that surely requires a part-time expert to take care of.

An open-concept built-in wet bar separates the living room from the billiard room and a small but expensively equipped movie theater has a state-of-the-art sound and projection system and plush, burnt caramel-colored leather recliner seats with built-in cup holders.

The master suite takes up the entire second floor, according to listing information, and includes an over-sized bedroom with sitting area and fireplace, dual bathrooms and an exceptionally spacious fitted walk-in closet/dressing rooms, a fully-equipped adjoining gym and both indoor and outdoor spas. The master suite opens to a crescent-shaped private terrace with panoramic views of the mountains and mansion-dotted canyons that tumble down to the glittering Pacific Ocean.

The back of the house opens up to deep shaded verandas, at least one of which has an outdoor fireplace. The various verandas and tented pavilions ring a gigantic infinity-edged free-form resort style swimming pool complete with a sunken palapa-covered swim up bar, a super-sized circular spa and a sunken banquette-surrounded fire pit set in the middle of the pool. There’s also an outdoor shower and a large outdoor eating area with full outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

We’re not sure why Mister and Missus Bosh would spend nearly ten million bucks on a fancy mansion in Pacific Palisades only to turn around and try to lease it out for $ 45,000 per month, but if Your Mama has said it once we’ve said it ten thousand times: It’s generally frustrating and futile operation to try and makes sense of the wacky real estate ways of the rich and famous.

Presumably Mister and Missus Bosh live primarily in Miami Beach where in September 2010 they coughed up $ 12,333,000 for a gated and glassy 12,368 square foot modern mansion (above) with—according to old marketing materials still available online—seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a water-side negative edge swimming pool, a spa with adjacent outdoor fireplace, a pool side pavilion with built-in outdoor kitchen and a private dock for parking the water craft.

listing photos (Pacific Palisades): Sotheby’s International Realty
listing photos (Miami Beach): London Realty Group (via Zillow)
The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker – Texas Businessman Tom Hicks Puts $135M Price Tag on Vast Dallas Estate

Friday, January 25th, 2013

SELLER: Tom and Cinda Hicks
PRICE: $ 135,000,000
SIZE: 28,996 square feet

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to the sprawling estate owned by financier turned professional sport team titan Tom Hicks and his wife Cinda the adage certainly holds true, especially when it comes to the gargantuan $ 135,000,000 asking price they’re rumored and reported by Candy Evans at Candy’s DIrt to have quietly slapped on their epic, 25 acre estate in the fancy-schmancy Mayflower Estates ‘hood in Dallas.

Mister Hicks made a mountain of money in the leveraged buy out and private equity industries before he started buying up professional sports teams. At various times he’s owned the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, fifty-percent of the Liverpool FC (soccer), the Dallas Stars (hockey) and the Texas Rangers (baseball), which he sold in 2010 for around $ 590 million. Many reports indicate Mister Hicks has lost a significant amount of his net worth over the last few years but make no mistake he and the missus remain filthy rich and financially able to live in whatever manner they choose. Their decision to sell their vast Dallas estate likely has less to do with their declining but still substantial wealth and far more to do with the fact that they’re empty nesters rambling around in a house more than ten times the size of the average American home.

According to Miz Evans’ thorough discussion, the Hicks’ humongous, compound-like estate includes a titanic, chateau-style 28,996 square foot main house, a matching 6,300 square foot guest house and a 7,200 square foot pool house, plus additional outbuildings.

The stately and downright imposing main manse was originally designed in 1939 for Italian count Pio Crespi and his American wife Florence by distinguished high society architect Maurice Fatio and acquired by Mister and Missus Hicks about 16 years ago for an unknown amount of dough. The Hicks spent 5-10 years and—according to Candy’s canaries—close to $ 100,000,000 on a soup-to-nuts renovation, restoration and expansion headed up by motorcycle riding and leather gear loving New York City-based architect Peter Marino.

We’re not sure exactly how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the main house and/or on the property but Your Mama thinks it’s probably safe to say there’s plenty to room to comfortably house several families.

The grounds are a studied mix of manicured and rustic and include meadow-like rolling lawns, long allees of mature trees, a spring-fed creek criss-crossed by stone bridges, rose and vegetable gardens, several ponds and water features and dense forests woven with quiet pathways. There’s also a resort-scaled swimming pool, and adjacent a pool house with recreation facilities and movie theater, a tennis court and second guest house.

The next owner of the Hicks’ estate may want to know that maintaining the vast estate will require an astonishing amount of water. Even with a private well Mister and Missus Hicks consistently rank among the highest users of water in a state regularly racked by drought. In August 2011 reports numerous multiple media outlets in the Dallas/Houston/Fort Worth area reported that Mister and Missus Hicks used 1.35 million gallons of public water for the month of June alone and in July 2012 the Dallas Morning News reported they consumed a total of 12,315,020 gallons of public water in 2011.

Like we usually do when it comes to dissin’ and discussin’ high-priced real estate in Dallas Your Mama gave the deliciously dishy Dallas-based property gossip Candy Evans a ringy-dingy and asked if she thought there was much of a market for a $ 135,000,000 house in Dallas. She told us, “It is likely there is not a market in Dallas for a $ 135 million estate but I have no doubt there will be offers because where else can you have 25 acres and horses and be 8 miles from downtown? But then, never underestimate the power of oil money. One local tyke owns a home on Turtle Creek Blvd. plus a home in nearby Highland Park just because he likes to have Sunday picnics on the creek. Rich people are nine kinds of odd ducks so maybe some billionaire oil tyke will indeed thinks it’s worth it to cough up $ 100 million plus for 25 acres to ramble around in?” Well, stranger things have happened, haven’t they?

photos: Douglas Newby
The Real Estalker

The Real Estalker – Pharrell Puts Miami Penthouse On Market

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

SELLER: Pharrell
PRICE: $ 16,800,000
SIZE: 9,080 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A little canary down in South Beach flew by the other day and let Your Mama know that uni-named Grammy-winning songwriter/producer/rapper, art collector, entrepreneur and sartorial daredevil Pharrell has hoisted his titanic tri-level penthouse condo in Miami, FL on the market with a sky-high asking price of $ 16,800,000.

Property records show Mister Pharrell picked up the penthouse in March 2007 for $ 12,525,000 from a well-known property developer and it wasn’t long before he was involved in an ugly legal imbroglio over numerous water leaks that came, according to at least one online report, from “at least six sources in the home, such as the penthouse pool, plant watering system, and Jacuzzi.”

Current listing information shows the sprawling, 40th floor penthouse measures a suburban mansion-sized 9,080 square feet with five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and knee-knocking 360-degree city, bay, ocean and causeway views.

In December 2010 Mister Pharrell had the art-filled aerie photographed for The Selby—if you don’t know The Selby, then you should—and in July 2011 he had dextrous design writer and international style maven Mayer Rus all up in there to do a piece for W Magazine. Based on the lush photographs from both of those shoots it seems that Mister Pharrell may (or may not) have moved out much of his personal belongings, in particular his Ms. Pac Man and Galaga video game consoles, his colossal collection of sneakers and his impressive contemporary art collection that includes significant works by name-brand artists such as Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, KAWS, and Andy Warhol.

The capacious main floor living/dining room has chestnut colored wood floors, a curving ribbon of nearly floor to ceiling glass with terrace access and panoramic water views, a built-in buffet in the dining area and a built-in entertainment center in the living area with a massive flat screen television. A floating staircase connects the main floor to the second floor landing where a gravity defying spiral staircase corkscrews up to a third floor lounge underneath a spectacular and downright Herculean frosted glass dome that defines the triple height space and for some reason isn’t shown in any of the listing photographs we dug up online.

Listing photographs do show the penthouse is luxuriously equipped with a sleek center island kitchen, a six (or maybe nine) seat home theater with plush red leather recliners and paneled walls, a billiard room on the second level mezzanine and library/lounge with built-in bookcases and a smattering of multi-colored modern furniture including the naughty-naughty Perspective chair, designed several years ago by Mister Pharrell in conjunction with the French product manufacturing concern Domeau + Pérès. The chair, in case any of y’all aren’t familiar, has human-shaped legs. The front legs are those a woman on her tippy toes and the back legs those of a flat-footed man. Mister Pharrell says the chair “represents the love between a man and a woman” but Your Mama—like most people—see the chair as a not very abstract depiction of the couple doing it doggy style.

Anyhoo, the master suite has a bedroom with watery view and direct terrace access, a big bathroom slathered in inlaid marble and what Mister Rus in W Magazine called a “steroidal closet…filled with a teenager’s fantasy trove of Technicolor sneakers.”

Three levels of vast terraces offer unparalleled all-around views, an outdoor summer kitchen, miles of tiled planter boxes, a spa and a plunge-sized swimming pool beneath a muscular, vine-draped pergola.

steroidal closet is filled with a teenager’s fan­tasy trove of Technicolor sneakers

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steroidal closet is filled with a teenager’s fan­tasy trove of Technicolor sneakers

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steroidal closet is filled with a teenager’s fan­tasy trove of Technicolor sneakers

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Property records show Mister Pharrell—recently engaged to his long-time lady friend and baby momma Helen Lasichanh with whom he has young son named Rocket Mann Williams—still owns the 9,116 square foot waterfront mansion in his hometown of Virginia Beach, VA that he bought way back in December 2001 for $ 1,850,000.

We really have no idea what real estate plans Mister Pharrell may have up his sleeve but in the W Magazine article he mentioned that his residential real estate fantasies include maverick architect Frank Gehry designing him a “Wyne Manor-style mansion” and avant garde architect Zaha Hadid doing him a domicile “that is partially submerged in the ocean.” So there’s that…

listing photos: Coldwell Banker Previews

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